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Master Sergeant James W. Johnson Jr. (JJ) follows up with Charles Pollock after the ADRX™ Independent Brain Study to discuss how Clarity + Focus has impacted Pollock's mental activity.

Active Duty RX™ designed and developed Clarity + Focus with the intent to combat a variety of mental and emotional conditions. Curious to know if their product could achieve this goal, ADRX™ commissioned Dr. Twyla Wilson to conduct an independent quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG) study in 2020. A qEEG test is a tool for measuring mental electrical activity using brain waves indicating different types of mental activity! Five veteran subjects volunteered for this study. The results revealed that just seven days of use might have contributed to the overall mental improvement. Using a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and herbs, Clarity + Focus is a powerhouse product that aims to support cognitive activity for optimum brain function without the adverse effects of some pharmaceuticals. 

Janice Rains and her daughter Sophia share their remarkable testimonies on how they came to find Active Duty RX™ and how it has significantly affected how they manage life with PTSD.

Regain your focus with our new and improved Active Duty™ Clarity + Focus! Now made with N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC), this vitamin, herb, and mineral-packed capsule works hard to support cognitive activity for optimal brain function and facilitate regular emotional balance.

Active Duty RX™ is there for you, no matter your battle. Let us assist you on your path to wellness. Active Duty RX™ is a Veteran owned and operated company focused on promoting alertness and everyday functionality with our natural products. 

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