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PTSD cognitive
impact STUDY

Active Duty Rx™ commissioned a five-person qEEG study to evaluate the potential benefits of using Clarity + Focus over seven days. Each of the five individuals participated in a baseline qEEG test. Seven days later, the individuals participated in a follow-up qEEG test.


What is qEEG?

Quantitative Electroencephalogram, more commonly referred to as a qEEG, helps us better understand and visualize fundamental cognitive issues. qEEG brain mapping is based upon well-established and vetted data-gathering techniques, which adhere to international locus standards and protocols. These standards correlate to cognitive functions. The data acquired is transmitted to a major western university for evaluation. The University evaluator returns the data in a visual representation known as a brain map.

How does it work?

A standardized NeuroMap QEEG Electro de Cap is fitted on the head of each participant; readings are taken after testing to ensure that all electrodes are reading properly. The cap is a component of a Clear Mind Neurofeedback system which was used to gather and transmit the data.Both left and right hemispheres are evaluated. Five (5) areas per hemisphere are evaluated for function.


read the study

Want to read the study for yourself? Download the full Active Duty RX™ PTSD Cognitive Impact Study right to your phone or tablet for more information!

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